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For many couples, the marital home represents the single biggest asset of both parties. And more than just its financial value, there is often a great deal of emotion tied into that home—after all, it represents the joint life the two of you once had. If both of you own the property and you are selling it as part of your pre- or post-divorce activities, you will need to choose the right South Florida real estate professional to guide you at every step of the way.


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Real estate agents do not need to be people who have personally experienced divorce themselves, but you do want someone who has worked closely with divorced or divorcing couples and spouses. Seek out a professional who understands what’s at stake for you, both from this potential real estate transaction and into the future.



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From start to finish, the divorce process can be stressful, complicated, confusing and, sometimes, quite long. Surrounding yourself with the right South Florida professionals—such as your divorce real estate agent—is one of the smartest ways you can protect yourself and ensure that you have the very best guidance and counsel throughout your divorce journey.


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You will want to know what percentage of the house belongs to you and also whether the court would order the house conveyed to you or to your spouse. The house is an asset and therefore subject to division according to your state’s property division law.

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Commercial and Residential real estate sales associate with over 18 years of experience throughout the Florida area with a proven track record of success. Highly adept at working with property owners, management and developing successful relationships with clients.

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When choosing a Boca or Delray real estate agent for your divorce, it’s important to find someone who is not only highly knowledgeable and experienced, but who is also compassionate and non-judgmental. When getting divorced and looking to sell your South Florida home, it’s important to consider all potential scenarios before you decide which real estate professional is truly the best choice for both of you.

Some key traits of a real estate professional who understands divorce include:

They’re Neutral:
Your divorce real estate agent is not someone who can “pick sides” or work in the best interest of just one of you.

They’re Communicative:
Your divorce real estate agent is someone who keeps you both “in the loop” at every step of the way, communicating regularly and transparently via email, text, phone—whatever it takes.

They’re Experienced:
You want your divorce real estate agent to have a nice depth of experience in helping clients in your geographic area buy and sell homes. Someone who is still learning the real estate ropes (or who is new to the city or region) is not your best choice when so much is on the line for you in this divorce process.

They’re Connected:
Your divorce real estate agent is someone who has strong connections in the community and can easily refer you to the best mortgage professional, home inspector, real estate attorney and anyone else you might need.

They’re Focused:
Your divorce real estate agent cares a great deal about both of you, but ultimately you want someone who is focused on the most important aspects of this business transaction, such as advising, researching and negotiating. Leave the emotional support to your loved ones and look to your realtor to be guided by facts and numbers, not by hunches or feelings. You want someone who can stay “calm, cool and collected” no matter what comes his or her way.

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You need to work with a real estate professional you can trust. I am dedicated to providing the absolute finest service and expertise possible for my clients. Whether you are buying or selling your primary residence, a second home, or relocating to a new neighborhood.

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